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TPC’s most notorious scammer

Posted by tpcscammers on February 4, 2011

I’ve been recently victimized by this person using (TPC), an IT community-based trading website.



He will post a computer item/peripheral lower than any other items currently posted. Of course you are going to be interested because of the lowest price he is offering.

When you contact him to buy his items, he will then ask for your contact number thru sending message in TPC and call you where to meet, he don’t have a contact number, he will just call you and contact you online. I wasn’t aware that he is already on TPC forums with similar case/s and his pictures were being circulated on the forum and maybe on emails.

We were able to meet and able to finalize transaction. He seems nice naman.

He told me he is working in a small company where they buy defective computers sold by companies in Metro Manila as is, and then they dismantle the items like hard disk, motherboard, memory cards, etc, and then sell it when they find it working.

The first transaction was OK. The items I bought were working and without any defect. Eto pala ay parang patikim para kagatin mo yung style niya.

Later on that day, he sent a message telling me he got another item and if I would be interested. I said Ok because he really gives the lowest price.

This time the items are defective. Same case with his firsts victims. This is a clear estafa case.

See the above photo, and here it is again.

He stands around 5’3”, payat, and dark complexion. What he told me his name is probably not his real name. He may have told different names to other victims.

If you have a large version of his photo, please post it here or send it to me or give me the URL.

I would like to invite the other victims to let us meet and talk about filing a formal charge to NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division so this person will no longer be able to scam other TPC members or other people out there.

We can discuss and schedule the date where we can meet on NBI to file the charges.

Please post your messages here and information about this person.









9 Responses to “TPC’s most notorious scammer”

  1. ericson22 said

    this is the sign sa mga k tpc’ers ko nag mag file ng case sa taong ito!!! sobrang daming tao n niloko nito! and check d pic bka isa k nah sa nloko nito!!!

    tpc member,

  2. muserati said

    hi tpcscammer. i’m glad you posted a message in my blog. i originally wanted to buy something from tipid pc (thought not from this guy). your site will inform others and give them information about scammers lurking on the WWW. am adding you to my blog roll 🙂

  3. […] some scammers maybe lurking behind a username and dupe you into an anomalous transaction, like this one. As a precaution too, you might also find yourself in a situation where a careless moderator will […]

  4. graphire said

    It’s good you thought about creating a blog about TPC scammers.. especially for this notorious TPC scammer. I was one of the early victims by this guy, under one of his cloaked aliases “payatas6”. Hopefully this guy gets his term in jail. Anyway, keep it up. You can also add my blog in your blogroll, Let me know and I’ll cross link yours. thanks.

  5. joanne_gutierrez said

    napatay na toh sinalvage nung isang barkada ko nakipagmit tpos kinuha un item nya na binebenta sabay saksak sa tagiliran..deds n toh mga pre namumukaan ko toh

  6. aldrinmx said

    Pati mga game consoles mga sir marami rin scammers mga sir I was a victim of xbox 360 scam. The unit that was sold to me is a 3rl unit. Wala bang security dito sa tpc dapat kasi required ang mga users na mag upload ng photo and authentic credentials of info bago maging tpc member.

  7. Mimosa said

    I was also scammed.. I was browsing the net and saw a low priced ad for a nokia 5800 XM. Maganda ang offer, brand new with 12 mo. nokia care warranty daw and other freebies. The name of the seller is “bythelaw” and “dotaallstars 2009”. He/she assured me that he/she is legitimate, coz sabi nya, sa bank daw ang bayaran. So i sent the payment to BPI account no.9909050275 under the name of Christoper Aranas Gonzales. After texting him that the money has been deposited… di na sya nagreply at wala na rin ung promise nya na tracking no. or item!

    I tried to text the cell no. (09089330795) he used during our transactions, di sya sumasagot sa akin.. but when i used other numbers, and posed like a buyer, sagot agad ang demonyo! When i asked where to send the payment, he gave this name and account no. – Jonna Mugas, BPI account no. 2796-1758-92.

    A very important note to other buyers.. when i proposed that we meet instead, the scammer text that THEY DO NOT DO MEET UPS!

    I will report this scammer/s to authorities tomorrow.. and I’m calling for the others who fell victims of these internet scammers to contact me.. we should join hands to stop this kind of scamming!

    I however learned a lesson in this sad event… If the ad is too low or too good to be true, then, it probably is a scam. Also, be cautious of sellers who has no feedback yet. Even though the seller claims that he/she has already positive feedbacks, you still have to check it out if indeed there is feedback, or baka gawa-gawa lang nya. Also, beware of those sellers who said that they cannot do meet ups..specially if they claim to be just within your vicinity.. And another thing, even though the transactions is with the bank, they could have just presented fake IDs, open the account for scamming purpose, wait for their victims’ money to come in, then immediately withdraw.. The bank said that if they have already withrawn the money, it is almost next to impossible for the victims to recover their money… so there… just be careful guys!

  8. I was close to being scammed the other day at TipidPC. The scammer is using an alias “Michael dela Rosa”. I figured out he had numerous victims before at the forum discussions.

  9. MayKarmaYan said

    Bakit ba kasi hindi ibanned yung IP address ng mga tpc members na may negative feedbacks at may multiple accounts para di na makagawa ng multiplce accounts. kahit report button sa tpc site wala. Napaka unprofessional din ng pagkakadesign ng tpc forum kahit 1st yr college na programmer mas maganda pa gumawa ng forum site di gaya nito(TPC) kaya bakit nagiging interested pa kayo sa ganyang sites. Kung designs pa lang pangit na scam site na kagad yon.

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