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Beware of these Criminals in Manila!

Bus ‘Siopao Sauce’ Gang – busted!

Posted by tpcscammers on April 23, 2015

Beware of this gang!

Suspect Raffy Boy Sieja De Dios

Suspect Raffy Boy Sieja De Dios

Suspect: Richard Navarro

Suspect: Richard Navarro

Modus Operandi: They are usually in a group of 3 or more. Most of them will carry bags or backpack, some may already have loot from their previous victims from another bus (see the video below).

In this latest incident, they put siopao sauce in victims elbow and told her about it – this is usually to trick the victim while another member, or members, were already into your gadget/s or wallet in your bag.

See the TV Patrol video:


Richard Navarro and Raffy Boy De Dios

Richard Navarro and Raffy Boy De Dios

This group is notorious.
Beware! Report these guys when you see them in Edsa buses. Their area of operation is from Baclaran to Edsa Central.

Be alert, especially WHEN YOU SEE A GROUP OF 3-or more guys with back packs.



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Emarolf Advertising Company – A Fraud Agency

Posted by tpcscammers on March 9, 2015

Emarolf Advertising Company


Currently located at Munoz Market in Quezon City.











Update: From one of the victim’s pm, here’s the FB profile of – CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

From their FB photo –

BEWARE of this agency. Recently reported to “Wanted Sa Radyo” for their criminal acts.
Current company name: Emarolf Advertising Company

Previous names:

EMC Inc.
Ecomoda Marketing

Updated, New name:
– Wilcon Company
– Alphagates/Alpha Gates Company


Modus Operandi:
They post job openings like Encoder, Office Staff, Sales Persons, IT Staff, and so on, but before hiring you they will ask you to sell an item worth 3000 pesos/each for a given quantity, but actually the item is only worth 400 pesos if you buy it in Divisoria.

Then they promise to hire you after they evaluate your performance and then they’re gone.

Their Locations:
– currently in Muñoz Market, Quezon City
– previously in Caloocan areas
– other places in Quezon City

Please see related posts from victims here:

This page

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and another page

and more page

There are lots of results from Google about their fraudulent activities. They even told one of the victims that the knew the Tulfo Brothers.




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TPC’s most notorious scammer

Posted by tpcscammers on February 4, 2011

I’ve been recently victimized by this person using (TPC), an IT community-based trading website.



He will post a computer item/peripheral lower than any other items currently posted. Of course you are going to be interested because of the lowest price he is offering.

When you contact him to buy his items, he will then ask for your contact number thru sending message in TPC and call you where to meet, he don’t have a contact number, he will just call you and contact you online. I wasn’t aware that he is already on TPC forums with similar case/s and his pictures were being circulated on the forum and maybe on emails.

We were able to meet and able to finalize transaction. He seems nice naman.

He told me he is working in a small company where they buy defective computers sold by companies in Metro Manila as is, and then they dismantle the items like hard disk, motherboard, memory cards, etc, and then sell it when they find it working.

The first transaction was OK. The items I bought were working and without any defect. Eto pala ay parang patikim para kagatin mo yung style niya.

Later on that day, he sent a message telling me he got another item and if I would be interested. I said Ok because he really gives the lowest price.

This time the items are defective. Same case with his firsts victims. This is a clear estafa case.

See the above photo, and here it is again.

He stands around 5’3”, payat, and dark complexion. What he told me his name is probably not his real name. He may have told different names to other victims.

If you have a large version of his photo, please post it here or send it to me or give me the URL.

I would like to invite the other victims to let us meet and talk about filing a formal charge to NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division so this person will no longer be able to scam other TPC members or other people out there.

We can discuss and schedule the date where we can meet on NBI to file the charges.

Please post your messages here and information about this person.








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3 Americans nabbed for buying eBay laptops using fake checks

Posted by tpcscammers on July 30, 2008

A recent news about another IT crime/scam.

Read news below.
But before that, take a look again of the most notorious TPC scammer.

And now the news…

By Tina Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:02:00 07/29/2008

MANILA, Philippines—The National Bureau of Investigation filed charges against three people, including two alleged US Marines, who purchased high-end electronic gadgets from an online auction and shopping website using fake bank checks.

Continue reading here…

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TPC Scammer

Posted by tpcscammers on July 18, 2008

Here’s a bigger version of his photo posted on one of the forums on TPC.

Read his modus operandi here.

For the same cases posted on TPC forums posted by his victims, go to:

and seach for the forum topics “scammer” and “beware” then you will find results about his modus operandi.

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A Similar Cybercrime Case Busted by CIDG

Posted by tpcscammers on July 18, 2008

Here’s a case, a cybercrime committed, busted by the PNP-CIDG last year.

See video link.

The suspect was currently facing “estafa” case. A non-bailable case, o walang piyansa.

Kapag marami ang nagfile ng reklamo, magiging syndicated estafa at maaaring habang-buhay na  pagkabilanggo ang magiging hatol.

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